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Terry Riley und Gyan Riley [Verschoben]

spielen ‚Persian Surgery Dervishes‘ (1972)



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    Alter 18+

    Anlässlich der aktuellen Gesundheitslage entfällt diese Veranstaltung vorsorglich. Ein Nachholtermin ist für den November 2021 angesetzt. Der genaue Termin wird bald bekannt gegeben. Bereits gekaufte Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit oder können an der jeweiligen VVKs-Stelle zurückgegeben werden.

    Terry Riley is back in Berlin with his son Gyan for two nights and a rare performance of two of the most iconic works of the legendary minimalist: A Rainbow in Curved Air and Persian Surgery Dervishes on synthesizers and guitar. The father and son duo will interpret the two albums in front of a standing audience in a limited capacity room, for a better immersive listening experience.

    Terry and Gyan have been recently touring the world together, performing mostly new pieces and improvised sessions on piano and guitar, creating a beautifully crafted language, an embodiment of Terry Riley's original intention in composition and writing. But this special set of two concerts on November 18 and 19 will see the duo explore original material, to create a new and more modern interpretation of the masterpieces.

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