Thursday 02.04.2020 start 20:00

Terry Riley and Gyan Riley

perform ‘Persian Surgery Dervishes’ (1972)



    28.10€ from Resident Advisor

    Age 18+

    Terry Riley is back in Berlin with his son Gyan for two nights and a rare performance of two of the most iconic works of the legendary minimalist: A Rainbow in Curved Air and Persian Surgery Dervishes on synthesizers and guitar. The father and son duo will interpret the two albums in front of a standing audience in a limited capacity room, for a better immersive listening experience.

    Terry and Gyan have been recently touring the world together, performing mostly new pieces and improvised sessions on piano and guitar, creating a beautifully crafted language, an embodiment of Terry Riley's original intention in composition and writing. But this special set of two concerts on April 1 and 2 will see the duo explore original material, to create a new and more modern interpretation of the masterpieces.

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