Berghain | Art In The Club


Berghain | Art In The Club traces the ongoing dialogue of visual art, music, architecture, human bodies and minds. Through illustrations, photos, interviews and conversations with the enlisted artists, stories, essays and poems in both German and English, this book shines some light on Berghain's aesthetics, its workers and artists.

Stories, essays, poems and conversations by: Jens Balzer, Dorothée Brill, Yusuf Etiman, Stefan Goldmann, Hanno Hinkelbein, Jan Kedves, Oliver Koerner von Gustorf, Nina Lörken, Thomas Meinecke, Joey Petersen, Thilo Schneider, Jürgen Wronski Interviews with Norbert Bisky, Marc Brandenburg, Ali Kepenek, Sven Marquardt, Piotr Nathan, Carsten Nicolai, Sarah Schönfeld, Wolfgang Tillmans, Friederike von Rauch, Viron Erol Vert.

German / English | 2015 | 208 pp. | 200 ills. | softcover | ISBN 978-3-7757-3981-8
editor.: Berghain OstGut GmbH | publisher: Hatje Cantz