Stop The War!

In light of the attack on the Ukrainian people all profits of Klubnacht on 5/6 March 2022 have been donated to these organisations helping people on the ground in Ukraine and beyond, with focus on LGBTQIA+ and BIPoC:

Each One Teach One e.V. – Community-based education and empowerment project in Berlin.
Quarteera e.V. – direct help for LGBTQIA+ in Ukraine.

Additional donations will be fiduciary collected at the box office in favor of:

All Out – direct help for LGBTQIA+ in Ukraine.
Black Foreigners in Ukraine – direct help for BIPoC in Ukraine.
FONDAMENT gGmbH – support of charitable action.
∄ Community Fund – direct help for Kyiv's music and cultural community.

Find further support opportunities below.

Support Ukraine fundraiser compilation by United 4 Equity in favor of The Return Alive Foundation / Save Life in UA with Answer Code Request, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and Etapp Kyle, among many others.

A Permanent Vacation Dance Therapy fundraiser compilation in favor of United Help Ukraine with Massimiliano Pagliara among many others.

Разом За Україну / Together For Ukraine fundraiser compilation by Standard Deviation & Mystictrax in favor of Ukraine Pride Fund for LGBTQIA+ activists with Phase Fatale and Terence Fixmer among many others.

Grooves for Ukraine fundraiser compilation in favor of Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe with Barker & JakoJako among many others.

WhyPeopleWar fundraiser compilation by whypeopledance and Ledotmat Musique in favor of Red Cross Ukraine with Massimiliano Pagliara among many others.

In-depth roundup of fundraiser compilations and releases at Inverted Audio.

Resources for BIPoC, Slavic Ukrainian, disabled and chronically ill refugees.

Support Ukraine artists and labels ressource Google spreadsheet.

Further resources and donation possibilities with Refuge Worldwide.

The contents of this page are for information purposes only and do not claim to be complete or accurate.