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  • LYS MORKE Live


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“Traditionally, your second album is the worry; where there’s the weight of expectation,” A.A. Williams contends. “But I must create music I like myself, and I’ve had more time on this record; I’ve felt more confidence and conviction. As The Moon Rests is both heavier and softer, there’s more texture and weight, and a string ensemble. It’s Forever Blue times ten!” Released in July 2020, Forever Blue was the London-based singer-songwriter’s album debut, a brilliantly dramatic, unique and intimate walk on the dark side that fused bold and smouldering hues of post-rock and post-classical. By turns, it was glacial and volcanic, blissful and violent, through moments of disarming quiet and explosive volume, equally appealing to alt-rock and metal camps.

Spearheaded by four Norwegian/Swedish musicians, Kalandra is a band with roots in melancholic Nordic folk and gritty guitars, weaving ethereal melodies into raw and eerie musical landscapes. Formed in the beginning of the 2010s, they’ve spent a decade crafting their own unique sound, building their own studio, whilst also touring and playing support for similar acts such as Gåte, Seigmen, Wardruna and Eivør. In 2020 their first full-length album The Line was finally released. The album was a journey in introspection, the feelings of wonder, anger, loss and acceptance at watching both your own life and the world around you unfold.

Special Guest:

Lys Morke (Irene Talló) is a singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist based in Barcelona and born in the nearby town of Terrassa. Through ambient, electronic music and dark pop, she blurs the lines between genres and invites us to explore the inner emotional world with a nostalgic look towards the 90s. Whether with intimate ballads drenched in electronic landscapes - or with reggaeton, techno, autotune and thick bass sounds - her songs tell us stories of desire, cruel love and loss. An exercise of introspection and vulnerability that reflects the therapeutic process: feeling and materializing emotions in order to heal and rebuild oneself.

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