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Kantine am Berghain


  • EVÎN Live


25,00€ via Resident Advisor

Forget what you think you know about live techno. Forget drum machines. Forget laptops. Forget pre-made loops. Komfortrauschen is a live band that looks and sounds like no other. The German trio brings mechanical rhythm, acid guitars and thundering bass with the precision of a German factory but the hedonism of a Berlin basement. There is nothing polite or organic about what they do.

Komfortrauschen is supported by Evîn and "Evîn" is a Kurdish word and means "love". It is also the name of the berlin-based singer and producer Evîn, one of the most exciting new voices in alternative R&B. Her music blends elements from different genres such as Soul, Jazz and Electronica with her Kurdish roots giving her distinctive sound within the European scene.

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