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Donnerstag 21.03.2024 tür 19:30 beginn 20:00

Kantine am Berghain

Waxology I: Return Of The Disco Ball

  • Stephen Paul Taylor Live
  • Wax Museum Live


16,95€ via Resident Advisor

Berlin's Disco-Funk-Riot group Wax Museum are releasing a video game! After releasing the first single People from their upcoming debut album, Wax Museum decided to throw in something special: "Waxology I: Return of the Disco Ball" is an immersive game where players embark on a quest to return the iconic Disco Ball to its rightful home, bringing both excitement and peril. Wax Museum invited two powerful acts as special guests; Synth pop troubadour Stephen Paul Taylor and phantasy rave warrior AAAHHHNNNDDDIII.

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