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Mittwoch 27.09.2023 tür 19:00 beginn 20:00

Kantine am Berghain


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Since forming in 2018, Crawlers’ Amy Woodall, Holly Minto, Liv May and Harry Breen have come a long way from playing small gigs in their hometown of Merseyside.

Aside from their incredibly infectious grungy musical explorations that continue to capture the zeitgeist of their generation and beyond. The bands’ authentic approach to managing their social presence has meant that their knack for injecting their personal tales into universal singalongs has connected on a mass scale. Using their status is of vital importance to what Crawlers are about. “It’s really hard to find a safe space – especially for young people, queer people, and other misrepresented or underrepresented groups – and being able to do that with our platform is something we’re looking forward to exploring and breaking boundaries with,” they say.

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