Freitag 10.05.2024 tür 20:00 beginn 21:00

Kantine am Berghain

V.A. x Ilia Gorovitz: Obfuscation Album Release

  • VA x IG Live
  • Spirit Skinned Live



Alter 18+

To celebrate the release of his first vinyl album on Edelfaul Records, Ilia Gorovitz meets some of the album's vocal contributors for an exclusive one time performance. Expect earth shattering beats from his mutilated kit, and a variety of vocal expressions ranging from rap to polyphonic microtonality to primal screaming. Producer/vocalist Ofer Tisser and microphonist Diburnagua are both featured on the album and will open the night with their own duo SPIRIT SKINNED, a visceral and satisfyingly loud catalyst for a life long of anger and estrangement.

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