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Flat Maze

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Born in Tel Aviv, jazz pianist Uri came to Berlin in 2009 and quickly became one of the most sought-after keyboard players on the scene. When he wasn't here, he travelled the world with the Uri Gincel Trio and the band Bonaparte, among others. It was only in recent years that Uri began to focus on electronic music. Stefano Mori is an Italian techno music producer, visual artist and live performer, also based in Berlin. With his solo project - Stefano aka Elephant Kodex - he released under the German indie label Fucksklang and performed in Berlin with various DJ collectives. Together they are the duo Flat Maze, and bridging the gap between techno and jazz, or vice versa, is what they both do on stage and on their releases on the Berlin-Milan label Jazz-O-Tech.
Jazz-O-Tech is one of the innovative voices of modern electronic music and promotes collaboration between electronic music producers and live musicians. Alongside Flat Maze's live act, the dj set of Tereza: a DJ, radio host and curator currently based in Berlin. She lives for the groovy, mostly up-lifting notions of underground dance music and, with her background as a hiphop dj, has a refreshing way of telling exciting and coherent stories through her dj sets.

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