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Sonntag 10.03.2024 tür 19:15 beginn 20:00

Kantine am Berghain

Warren Walker and Antonin Violot

  • Warren Walker and Antonin Violot Live
  • Grigory Gromov
  • Mattia Prete


20,00€ via Resident Advisor

Warren Walker and Antonin Violot - Live (Sax, Modulars, Drums, Fx):

Warren Walker is a composer and producer who plays saxophone and synthesizers. He operates in an effervescent musical universe that is in constant flux and infuses jazz with widescreen inspirations. In both the studio and live arena, he has found creative harmony with drummer Antonin Violot. They combine their forces to great effect on thieir debut EP which came together in organic fashion and was mostly recorded live. Its mix of electronic and acoustic instruments is a seamless fusion of different worlds and techniques that explores all new ground and is deeply emotive.

Mattia Prete (DJ Set) + Grigory Gromov (Live visuals):

His style is influenced by club genres such as techno and electronica, merged with the intricate rhythms of jazz and organic instruments. For this performance, he teams up with visual artist Grigory Gromov, whose visual language is a balance of graphic techniques such as abstraction and minimalism.

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