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Art-rock band ĠENN is made up of Janelle Borg - guitars (she/her), Sofia Rosa Cooper - drums (she/they), Leona Farrugia - Vocals (she/they), and Leanne Zammit - bass (she/her). The first iteration of the band started 10 years ago in Malta, before moving to Brighton. Over this time, they have built determined bonds as a self-described sisterhood, founded on instinctive trust and affection.
It's this unique outlook and tight-knit gang mentality that make ĠENN such a thrilling proposition musically. Steering clear of simplistic, surface-value interpretation, their debut album "unum" represents Latin word for oneness, unity, a sense of being whole. It's a hard-earned statement of evolution, woven from the band’s four distinct threads of influence and identity to reveal an arresting tapestry of ambition. It follows on from their 2021 debut EP Liminal which was born of isolation, a fragmented jigsaw puzzle put together at a distance in the pandemic era.
The project triumphed against all odds, but ĠENN knew the EP walked so that something far greater could run. unum is the product of that long-awaited togetherness. It captures that lightning in a bottle that strikes when four distinct strains of talent – four best friends - are free to create. Fusing art-rock, psych-rock, and post-punk - with hints of Mediterranean folk - ĠENN has never sounded so limitless.


Lawns formed in Autumn 2020 in Berlin, Germany, shortly after guitarists/vocalists Ben Lubin and Joe Green called time on their previous Berlin-based noise rock band. Wanting to continue working on a new project, the pair, who met at university in London in the mid-00s, conducted a brief but fruitless search for a suitable drummer. After nobody they auditioned hit the mark, they found Tobias Humble (ex-Gang of Four, Ghostpoet, Pleasure Complex), who had moved to the city the year before, through a mutual acquaintance.
For Ben and Joe, Tobias was an instant fit – a drummer with roots in London’s indie rock scene and sensibilities acquired through playing in countless diverse projects. Not only a good fit musically, but also personally. As Ben says, “We all got on super well from the start. Being three Englishmen in Berlin, all of a similar age, we had tons in common regarding what we’re into, whether that was music, books, films, comedy or just our juvenile sense of humour and shared experiences growing up.”

Pretty Average was born from the lifelong musical collaboration of Candy Bassas (vocals and guitar) and Sergi Cabanes (lead guitar). After relocating to Berlin from Barcelona, Candy and Sergi formed the four-piece band in late 2021, which takes inspiration for its noisy-yet-ethereal sound from artists such as Galaxie 500, Spiritualized, New Order, the Cure, and Lou Reed. The band’s debut EP, “All I Wanted” explores themes of isolation and discontent and prominently features Candy’s other-worldly vocals in combination with Sergi’s jangly leads. The collection of four songs was produced by Francisco Parisi (of Berlin-based Minimal Schlager) and mastered by Kramer (producer for Galaxie 500, Low, Half Japanese). Pretty Average regularly plays live in Berlin and is planning a tour for 2024.

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