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Kantine am Berghain

Anthony Hüseyin

  • İpek İpekçioğlu
  • Olympia Bukkakis Live
  • Anthony Hüseyin Live


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In the midst of war's chaos and uncertainty, maintaining hope becomes an invaluable resilience. To be hopeful in such times, one must first cultivate a mindset that acknowledges the gravity of the situation while refusing to surrender to despair. Finding solace in the resilience of the human spirit and the countless acts of courage and kindness that emerge amidst turmoil can nurture hope. Additionally, seeking out sources of inspiration, whether in the form of art, literature, or stories of perseverance, can provide a beacon of light in the darkness. Connecting with others who share a similar outlook and supporting one another fosters a sense of community and solidarity, amplifying hope's power.

Anthony Huseyin's EP, a poetic journey through themes of home, belonging, and freedom, debuted alongside a captivating performance last winter in Kantine am Berghain. Yet within the melody of their creation, Anthony ponders a profound question: Can someone like them—queer, non- binary trans, and a person of color—find hope in today's tumultuous world?

Navigating gender and social complexities, Anthony confronts a stark reality where worth is often dictated by skin color or creed. In a society where whiteness prevails, he questions his safety and acceptance. Yet, amidst uncertainty, in a form of resistance Anthony envisions a serene scene—a wedding amid nature's embrace, where love defies prejudice and family embraces them fully. In this hopeful tableau, Anthony finds solace, offering a glimpse of light in challenging times.

Support: Olympia Bukkakis (LIVE), İpek İpekçioğlu (DJ Set).

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Eine Veranstaltung von Anthony Hüseyin