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Freitag 26.07.2024 beginn 00:00

Kantine am Berghain

Coven Transamerican presents AEROBICA

  • Feasting
  • GIO
  • Perra Inmunda


11,30€ via Resident Advisor

Alter 18+

Opening Coven’s CSD activities, Transamerican returns, presenting one of the most iconic shows in the Latin American electronic music scene: AEROBICA.
Nico Castro & Pepo Fernández, who have been playing together since 2019, began their partnership during the all-nighters at legendary Noa Noa club in Santiago. These sweaty, sold-out nights inspired their sporty look and sound. The duo succeeded to make house music a main character in the sound of the city, bringing a touch of light and playfulness to Santiago’s nightlife amidst a period of social effervescence, and moving away from the predominantly industrial techno scene.
On the 26th, Coven proudly presents AEROBICA’s Berlin debut, adding Germany to their Eurotour, which also includes performances at Milkshake Festival in Amsterdam and Smile at Ibiza. We continue working to bring Latin American talent to our line ups, also featuring Colombian rapper, DJ and producer Perra Inmunda, alongside Coven residents GIO and Feasting.
The night will be elevated by multimedia artist and performer Raphael Jacques, debuting their iconic character Alma Negrot in Berlin. Raphael’s work with makeup is a highlight of the electronic music and fashion scene in São Paulo, and their expertise in reinterpreting all sorts of materials on the body has been impressing Mamba Negra’s crowd the last few years.

Performance by: Alma Negrot

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