Wednesday 18.03.2020 doors 19:00 start 20:00

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

New Orchestral forms III/III – with Tim Novikov



    17.00€ from Love Your Artist

    Age 18+

    Berlin-based Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra will present a multidimensional, organic live experience that combines visual and sonic elements. The orchestra’s first-ever audiovisual performance Neue Orchesterformen III/III is the result of a close collaboration with mixed media artist Tim Novikov.

    The ensemble's debut Berghain performance not only sees AMEO add light objects, visuals and kinetic installations, but also marks a fundamental stylistic shift for the group. Following earlier collaborations, mixed media artist Tim Novikov (Minus Null Studio, Berlin) is responsible for the show’s visuals: he works with spatial elements (interactive light installations), kinetic sculptures, and live visuals.

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    Neue Orchesterformen III/III is supported by the Berlin Senate.