Berghain | January 2020

Friday 24.01.2020 start 23:00

CTM 2020 | Opening Club Night

Subsurface Portal | Elastic Collision


  • Afrodeutsche Live
  • Giant Swan Live FuckPunk
  • Zamilska Live
  • Akua
  • Aquarian Bedouin
  • Opium Hum

Panorama Bar

  • Guedra Guedra Live
  • Branko Enchufada
    Pedro Enchufada
  • Catu Diosis
  • DJ Plead Decisions
  • KG Hyperdub
  • Special Guest

Sounds both sludgy and hyperactive coalesce in DJ sets from Opium Hum. Afrodeutsche reinterprets her acclaimed releases with a new live A/V show in collaboration with Bhatoptics. Warsaw’s techno trailblazer Zamilska juggles winding rhythms over stuttering, caustic kicks. Giant Swan is notorious for their acerbic marriage of energised, aggressive dance music, quaking bass, and hypnotic electronic noise. MNNNKJDE is Mario de Vega and Hugo Esquinca, who present new work that traverses temporal disarray and intricate rhythmic patterns. Aquarian appears ahead of the release of his debut LP, The Snake That Eats Itself; his DJ sets venture through sinister breaks, feverish jungle, grimey drum and bass, and on through uncharted territory. Discwoman affiliate Akua is a Ghanaian-American DJ known for a boundary pushing sound, infusing old-school tracks and techniques with a vision for the dancefloors of the future.

DJ Plead infuses Panorama Bar with dancefloor-geared drum workouts influenced by his Lebanese background—as heard in releases for Nervous Horizon and DECISIONS. DJ and producer Guedra Guedra explores the psychedelic, bassy ends of contemporary African music. KG is the Queen of UK Funky, whose DJ sets traverse gqom, bass, and all good things in between. Catu Diosis is a core member of the Nyege Nyege crew, who transmits booty friendly music in her DJ sets. In their b2b, former Buraka Som Sistema member Branko and PEDRO (fka KKing Kong) weave together tarraxo, kizomba, kuduro, and other sounds of Portugal’s capital.

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A CTM Festival and Berghain show