CTM Festival 2020

Tuesday 28.01.2020 doors 21:00 start 21:00

CTM 2020

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  • Daniela Huerta
  • Ashley Fure Live
  • Dis Fig Live PTP
  • Mohammad Live
  • Rakta Live


18.00€ at the door

Age 18+

Renowned, prolific American composer and installation artist Ashley Fure explores the kinetic side of sound with Hive Rise, created in collaboration with interdisciplinary artist and director Lilleth Glimcher. A hand-picked ensemble performs with custom 3D-printed megaphones developed in collaboration with Matter Design (Brandon Clifford, Wes McGee, and Johanna Lobdell), producing focused vectors of sound as they move around the building. Berlin-based producer and DJ Felicia Chen, better known as Dis Fig, performs visceral, intimate sonic expulsions, as heard on her debut album, Purge. Mohammad, aka MMMD, bring together gut-wrenching frequencies, dark folk aesthetics, and ceremonial experiences in their live performances. In Rakta’s music, eerie, nightmarish grooves crescendo and hypnotic wails envelop listeners, swallowing them into a sonic world that is ghostly, inundating, and psychedelic. Daniela Huerta, aka Baby Vulture, sets the scene for the evening with a hybrid set.

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Advance tickets via CTM Festival and KOKA36. Pay at the door 18 Euros. Admission included with a respective CTM Festival Pass.

A CTM Festival and Berghain show