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Sunday 26.04.2020 doors 19:00 start 20:00

Kantine am Berghain



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    The 22-year-old singer-songwriter Blanks performs at Kantine am Berghain. In January he released his latest single Sweaters. The Dutch musician combines elements of pop with elements of alternative / indie rock. At the age of 10, Blanks, aka Simon de Wit, started playing the guitar, at the age of 15 he started releasing his music on his YouTube channel 'Music by Blanks'. Since then he has played concerts worldwide.

    Blanks is the face of a new generation of musicians. The indie pop musician has built up an international fan base that he includes in his work. His fans have actively participated in the creation of his penultimate single Bittersweet. Through online polls on Instagram, they participated in decisions about the pace, mood, and instrumentation of his songs.

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