Mary Komasa

Wednesday 19.02.2020 doors 20:00 start 21:00

Kantine am Berghain

Mary Komasa


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    It's been over ten years since Mary Komasa moved to Berlin. The Polish-born singer, songwriter, composer and activist has lived and thrived in the city, letting it leave a mark on her artistic and public activities. And now the time has come for Mary to finally introduce herself to the Berlin audiences.

    Mary was shaped by art from the very beginning. She studied classical music, including the organ and opera singing. Her musical career has been marked from onset by eclecticism and the ability to move freely between genres, often crossing borders and smashing glass ceilings. Mary sees her role not only as an artist, but also as someone who speaks out, fighting prejudice, hatred and intolerance. She makes endeavors into film music, sound design, acting and literature, constantly redefining herself as an artist. But her main medium remain the songs, for which the only criterium is their emotional impact. Nothing else interests Mary more than pure emotion, created on stage between her and her audiences. She turns each of her performances into a mysterium, a powerful experience for the listeners.

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