Friday 07.06.2013 start 23:59


Panorama Bar


    • Opium Hum Live ≠ (not equal)
    • ADMX-71 sonic groove
    • Kryptic Minds Live osiris music
    • Oake downwards
    • Douglas McCarthy Live nitzer ebb
    • Mondkopf Live perc trax
    The »N≠E« series in Berghain fathoms the intersecting trajectories of sound research, dramaturgy, narration and affect in contemporary electronic music. The line-up put together for its fourth edition leads us through various musical phases, going from KRYPTIC MINDS cavernous halfstep, MONDKOPF's harsh industrial techno, ADMX-71 psycho-acoustic listening experiments, or the world-premiere of OAKE's angstpop, to DOUGLAS MCCARTHY's signature blend of EBM and Electro and resident-dj OPIUM HUM's hypnotic selection. »N≠E« is a unique night of dramaturgical density, deep timbres, sound’s intense physicality and coarse materiality. While in the millennium upheaval the positive rush and futuristic drive of rave mapped out utopias based on egalitarian community spirit, emancipatory technologies, liberated locations and unrestrained bodies, electronic music today, with its disquieting tonality, frequently also reflects the oppressive repercussions of our current submergence in medial dematerialization, the control society, and increasingly self-referential data streams that appear to live a life of their own. With its depth, irresistible psychedelics, grainy textures and raw frequencies, the artists at this special club night neutralize or amplify the internalized unease triggered by such perceptions as well as their psycho-social impact. RSVP auf Facebook: RSVP auf Resident Advisor: Die ¬ (not equal) Serie untersucht die Schnittstellen von Klangforschung, Erzählweisen und Affekten innerhalb der zeitgenössischen elektronischen Musik. Das Line-up der vierten Aus- gabe führt uns durch verschiedene musikalische Zeitphasen, von Kryptic Minds höhlenartigen Halfstep, Mondkopfs harschen Industrial-Techno, Admx-71’ psycho-akustischen Hör-Experimenten, oder der Weltpremiere von Oakes Angstpop, zu Douglas McCarthys Signatur-Sound aus Electro und EBM und der hypnotischen Musikauswahl von not equal-Resident Opium Hum. Während im Berghain also tiefste Frequenzen grummeln, wird bei ...get perlonized wie immer dem unendlichen Groove gefrönt. Mit Akufens Horror Inc.-Alias, Daniel „DBX“ Bell und den beiden Gastgebern Sammy Dee und Zip.