LFEK Artwork by Antonia Viola, Yosh Schreiner, Tim Lindacher
Artwork by Antonia Viola, Yosh Schreiner, Tim Lindacher

Friday 15.07.2022 start 22:00

Live From Earth Klub

Panorama Bar

  • DJ Gigola
  • MRD
  • Ace Of Demons

Live From Earth Klub have a sure sense for exceptional acts with a certain crossover appeal. ALCATRAZ is the italo fun project of brothers Leo and Aaron Altaras. With their DJ sets they playfully draw references to their Italian roots and mix quite bluntly Italo Disco, electro and uptempo techno to an entertaining mescolanza: amore unlimited. Norwegian MRD takes a similar approach with his sound, clashing high-energy, breathless techno grooves with ingratiating pop hooks of Italo disco. Berlin-raised artist Ace Of Demons is co-founder of queer-focused collective HeartQore and plays edgy, diverse sets marked by a relentless rave energy. LFE resident DJ Gigola sums up her musical identity - probably part self-deprecating, part serious and concise - with “genre fluid”: breaks, trance, pop, techno, hiphop - the list of styles is even longer, the set sequence wild yet coherent, DJ Gigola as strange and thrilling as few others.