Friday 14.04.2023 start 22:00

Live From Earth Klub


  • DJ Gigola
  • Brutalismus 3000 Live
  • MCR-T Live From Earth Klub
  • Bauernfeind

Panorama Bar

  • Ace Of Demons
  • Koreless Live
  • Varg2TM
  • Miley Serious
  • DJ G2G

Brutalism 3000 is the music project of Berlin duo Victoria Vassiliki Daldas and Theo Zeiten, stylistically located between the hardcore and gabber sounds of the 90s and the pop-techno trash of the noughties. In early April, their debut album Ultrakunst will be released on Life From Earth, which they will present at Berghain at the Life From Earth club night alongside DJ sets by MCR-T, Bauernfeind and DJ Gigola. The latter has also just released her debut album on the label, but it strikes a very different note than her rapid-paced sets. Fluid Meditations aims to be just that – a continuous, introspective exploration of introspective states by way of organic percussion, sparsely used beats and Gigola's thoughtful spoken words. British producer Lewis Roberts aka Koreless takes a similarly interesting musical approach: he makes highly euphoric club music without beats. With stuttering voice samples layered over artfully languishing melodies and delicately programmed loops, he maintains a cerebral mood with a tension that is never released by a drop. Musical edging, so to speak. Koreless plays live tonight at Panorama Bar, with DJs Ace Of Demons, DJ G2G, Miley Serious and Varg2TM.