Friday 21.04.2023 start 22:00



  • Neux
  • Pablo Bozzi Live BITE
  • New Frames
    Phase Fatale Live
  • Omon Breaker Bite
  • Gael

Panorama Bar

  • Zanias
  • Ron Morelli L.I.E.S.
  • Marie Davidson
  • Pablo Bozzi BITE

Hayden Payne aka Phase Fatale welcomes you to the BITE night at Berghain and Panorama Bar. With his recently released Nailed To The Net – his first EP in five years – he solidifies his dark, dystopian sound with a shoegazey atmosphere, offering a rapid, rumbling ride through arpeggio-driven body music. This follows last year's collaborative EP with Berlin-based hard techno duo New Frames, who ramped up the energy level with massive kick drums and jarring rave signals – giving you a rough idea of what to expect from tonight's joint live set at Berghain. In addition to a second live set by Soft Crash member Pablo Bozzi – who will also be DJing at Panorama Bar – there will be DJ sets from Gael, Neux and Ukrainian Omon Breaker, who was resident at Kiev's first LGBTQ+ friendly club, Crest. A mix of EBM, dark disco, industrial and techno also prevails upstairs, where Bozzi will be joined by Marie Davidson, L.I.E.S. proprietor Ron Morelli and two DJs from Australia: Zanias and Neu-Romancer.