Friday 05.05.2023 start 22:00


Panorama Bar

  • Bill Kouligas PAN
  • upsammy PAN
  • Bitter Babe
  • Bambii
  • Erwan Sene PAN
  • Nunguja B2B Tati au Miel

Since founding PAN 15 years ago, Bill Kouligas has managed to create an exceptionally distinctive, futuristic cosmos as few other label owners have been able to do. The debut album JuNQ by the French sculptor and musician Erwan Sene has just been released on PAN, perfectly illustrating Kouligas's claim to versatility with his label: JuNQ is a multimedia project that includes a sculpture exhibition, a book and the collection of tracks. Paris-based Sene never uses sounds in their intended capacity – he molds and distorts them, entwining them with digital strings, turning them into hybrids of themselves. Hailing from Miami, Nick Lèon and Bitter Babe are part of a young generation of DJs who fuse regional music styles like Miami bass and reggaeton with the experimental sounds of acts like Aphex Twin and Burial. They will be playing a b2b set for this PAN night at Panorama Bar, as will Berlin-based DJ Nunguja and Haitian-Canadian Tati au Miel.