Friday 19.05.2023 start 22:00

Finest Friday

Panorama Bar

  • Nsasi Nyege Nyege Tapes
  • Younger Than Me Warning
  • Young Marco ESP Institute
  • Angel D'lite

The collective ANTI-MASS from Kampala, Uganda, is a group of artists and activists pushing for the rights of queer people. Their parties create a crucial safer space in an atmosphere where police crackdowns on marginalized groups are, unfortunately, the norm. One of the driving forces of ANTI-MASS is the artist and DJ Nsasi, whose fluid sets display a hyper-modern style that spans gqom, techno and East African trap. Hi-NRG lovecore, cakebeat and fabba are the genres that London-based DJ Angel D'lite has coined to describe her colorful musical universe, predominantly made up of good-humored 90s house with echoes of UK breakbeat and rave sounds, as heard on her productions for labels such as Planet Euphorique and Banoffee Pies. Berlin-based Lovefoxy has a big heart for US deep house from the early years. The trained dancer and singer was taught the art of DJing by her friend and mentor Sally C, and she conveys an extremely infectious energy in her sets.