Saturday 20.05.2023 start 23:59



  • Paula Koski
  • François X XX Lab
  • Nathalie Seres Never Not Now
  • Etapp Kyle Ostgut Ton
  • Rolando R3
  • Josey Rebelle
  • DJ Pete

Panorama Bar

  • Lakuti Uzuri
  • David Elimelech
  • Fred P Private Society
  • Steffi Candy Mountain
  • Roi Perez Ostgut Ton


  • Paula Tape Rhythm Section International
  • Boris Ostgut Ton

Paula Tape, who grew up in Santiago de Chile and now lives in Milan, began her musical journey as a drummer in several indie bands, which also explains her passion for polyrhythmic drum patterns. In her sets as well as her productions on labels like Rhythm Section international, this love for percussive variety and summery rhythms shines through in every moment, as does her love for the wonderfully obscure synth sounds of Italo disco, which she also lives out in her collaboration with Tempo Dischi, a label that re-releases old and sometimes forgotten Italo gems. For this edition of Klubnacht, she will be playing with our residents Boris, Lakuti, Roi Perez and Steffi at Panorama Bar. Paula Koski worked as a fashion journalist before moving from Finland to Berlin and focusing more on her DJ career. Today, she'll bring her hypnotic techno sound to Berghain alongside peers such as DJ Pete, Josey Rebelle and Detroit's Rolando.