Saturday 27.05.2023 start 23:59



  • Lily Ackerman
  • Nihad Tule Sloboda
  • Kasper Marott Axces
  • Arthur Robert Figure
  • Olivia Mendez Mord
  • Inox Traxx Symbolism
  • Philippa Pacho
  • JakoJako Mute

Panorama Bar

  • Kikelomo
  • Elisa Elisa Heat Up
  • Fort Romeau Ghostly International
  • nd_baumecker Ostgut Ton
  • Âme Innervisions


  • Ralf
  • Dinky Horizontal

If, as a child, you hug a massive loudspeaker so you can feel the thump of its bass, you can assume that your fate has already been written. Born in Vienna and currently living in Amsterdam, DJ and producer Arthur Robert taught himself to mix drum'n'bass records at the age of 16, and a short while and many club gigs later, he built up his own studio. That's where he established his own style of Detroit-inspired, purist techno: rich in nuance, with a high groove factor and filled with hallucinatory bleeps, it got picked up by labels such as Figure and Planet X. For tonight's Klubnacht, Arthur Robert will be playing at Berghain alongside acts like Copenhagen's Kasper Marott and Lily Ackermann. One floor up, Berlin-based French-Algerian DJ Elisa Elisa, a classically trained pianist who found her destiny as a producer and DJ of organic-sounding deep house, is among the guests.