Saturday 10.06.2023 start 23:59



  • Fiedel Ostgut Ton
  • Mareena Unrush
  • Sev Dah Proletarijat
  • Beste Hira
  • Tasha Neighbourhood
  • Quelza Palinoia
  • Rødhåd WSNWG

Panorama Bar

  • Rotciv polari
  • cyrk Live polari
  • Cormac Polari
  • Zombies In Miami Permanent Vacation
  • musclecars Coloring Lessons


  • Natalie Robinson
  • Mike Starr


  • Convextion Live Matrix

Gerard Hanson is something like the antithesis of many of his younger counterparts with their mapped-out careers. Since the mid-90s, the US American producer has been releasing a moderate number of timeless, sci-fi techno epics marked by their otherworldly beauty under the name Convextion, and as E.R.P. he produces stark, bold electro tracks. Although the clear influence of cornerstone acts like Juan Atkins and Basic Channel always comes through, his lavish records have earned him true cult status, maintaining his own production signature that opens up a deep and seemingly weightless, reflective space. The fact that Hanson has never given an interview, that his music is released exclusively on vinyl and that he's absent from social media only feeds his exceptional standing. In June, his phenomenal R-CNVX1 EP from 2000 will be repressed on a.r.t.less, which is of course a good occasion for a Convextion live set at Säule for tonight's Klubnacht.