Saturday 17.06.2023 start 23:59



  • Virginia candy mountain
  • Ectomorph Interdimensional Transmissions
  • James Ruskin Blueprint
  • Verraco
  • Darwin B2B Esposito
  • Efdemin Ostgut Ton
  • Volvox

Panorama Bar

  • Violetta B2B Lakkes Funnuvojere
  • Joe Delon Welt Discos
  • Bibi Seck
  • Couple Looking for Bananas Funnuvojere


  • Budino Funnuvojere
  • Alinka Twirl

Boing boom chak! Detroit electro duo Ectomorph can now look back on a 28-year history. Originally founded by Drexciya's Gerald Donald and Brendon M. Gillen, the project also included ghettotech legend DJ Godfather at the turn of the millennium before current member Erika Sherman joined. Gillen and Sherman are best known for their retro-futuristic electro productions with syncopated rhythms. As a DJ team, they have only been performing together for five years, delivering an extremely hypnotic, minimalist brand of techno. Ectomorph will be playing at tonight's Klubnacht alongside cohorts such as Verraco. The Colombian DJ is co-founder of Insurgentes and TraTraTrax, labels that have become important platforms for Latinx artists. Up at Panorama Bar, the talented trio of Massimiliano Pagliara, Chris Cruise and Luigi di Venere aka Couple Looking for Bananas will provide the best in DJ entertainment.