Saturday 01.07.2023 start 23:59



  • Answer Code Request Ostgut Ton
  • Dr. Rubinstein
  • Fadi Mohem MOHEM
  • Chami
  • Fiedel Ostgut Ton
  • Amotik
  • Adiel Danza Tribale

Panorama Bar

  • Richard Akingbehin Refuge Worldwide
  • Fafi Abdel Nour
  • Jenny Cara
  • Sofia Kourtesis
  • Âme Innervisions
  • L.B. Dub Corp Mote-Evolver
  • Ed Davenport Counterchange

Even though the much-quoted phrase “If i can't dance to it, it's not my revolution” was probably put into the mouth of US peace activist and feminist theorist Emma Goldmann retroactively, we of course subscribe to the statement and point towards “Estación Esperanza” by Sofia Kourtesis. With this gentle protest anthem, the Berlin-based DJ/producer lets Manu Chao's “Me Gustas Tú” mingle with a chant sampled from a demo against homophobia in her native Peru, which, when woven together with Kourtesis' delicate house sound, develops a beauty and power all its own. Community-building is the goal and motivation of many dedicated DJs and promoters, and Syrian-born, Netherlands-based Fafi Abdel Nour is no exception. With OOST, he has created an absolutely resonating queer club night in Groningen, where he has also been able to refine his sets of house sustained by melodic elements. Both acts will be playing at Panorama Bar tonight along with others such as Luke Slater with his house alias L.B. Dub Corp.