Saturday 08.07.2023 start 23:59



  • Nastia Reigel
  • Philipp Gorbachev Live PG TUNE
  • Etapp Kyle Ostgut Ton
  • Amanda Mussi
  • Jamaica Suk
  • Josh Wink Ovum Recordings
  • Norman Nodge Ostgut Ton
  • Barker Ostgut Ton

Panorama Bar

  • Marie Montexier Paryìa
  • Barbara Hofmann
  • Romain FX Fauve
  • Mike Grant Moods & Grooves
  • Radio Slave Rekids


  • Gabrielle Kwarteng
  • Octo Octa T4T LUV NRG

San Francisco-born, Berlin-based DJ/producer Jamaica Suk began her musical career as a trained jazz musician, playing in ensembles by day and DJing at underground techno parties by night. Mainly inspired by shoegaze, psychedelic rock and American minimal music, she merges these genres' meditative aspects with the propulsive energy of industrial techno. For tonight's Klubnacht, she's playing at Berghain, where there will also by a live set by Philip Gorbachev, who says of his new EP Move: “What I enjoyed most is the play with timing and drops, breaks and moments without the 'kick drum' – that is something I have learned in the belfry as a bell-ringer, controlling many tons of metal and massive sound options: the beauty of unloading and the power of concentration.” Playing at Panorama Bar alongside DJs like Octo Octa and Radio Slave is a silent eminence of the Detroit scene: Mike Grant has been running the label Moods & Grooves since 1999 with an almost stoic awareness of quality. House as deep as the ocean.