Saturday 15.07.2023 start 23:59



  • Marcel Dettmann BAD MANNERS
  • Post_Scriptum Live
  • Gotshell
  • BLANKA Room Trax
  • Cecilia Tosh
  • Shinedoe MTM
  • Dustin Zahn Rekids
  • UVB Mord

Panorama Bar

  • Nathalie Seres Never Not Now
  • Mystery Affair
  • Baronhawk Poitier
  • Hiroko Yamamura
  • Nemo b2b Castro Sound Metaphors


  • Victor Rodriguez
  • Perfect Lovers Muy Muy Limited

This weekend's Klubnacht sees a reunion with the mysterious project Post Scriptum, which debuted in 2015 with a track on Berghain 07 Part I and in subsequent years put out only a handful of consistently good releases, including the album Post Scriptum 01 on Infrastructure New York. The music, whose creator was later revealed to be Peter Sliwinski aka Echoplex, showed inspiration from both the futuristic beat patterns of a certain Jeff Mills and the bleepy sci-fi sounds of Sandwell District. We're looking forward to the 2023 live update at Berghain. Washington, DC's Baronhawk Poitier is a professional dancer, DJ/producer and co-founder of the queer NeedlExchange crew who, under the wing of Baltimore music legend Karizma, released the excellent Temperado Tornado EP: cowbell-driven disco house with clear references to bossa nova and jazz. Por Detroit, meanwhile, is a queer party series run by Mexico City-based DJ Perfect Lovers, who is making his Berghain debut today.