Saturday 29.07.2023 start 23:59



  • Efdemin Ostgut Ton
  • Justine Perry
  • Gaetano Parisio
  • Oscar Mulero PoleGroup
  • Denise Rabe RABE

Panorama Bar

  • Ogazón
  • Kikelomo
  • Jaime Fiorito
  • Isolée Live Maeve
  • Paramida Love On The Rocks
  • Ryan Elliott Faith Beat


  • Palms Trax Dekmantel
  • DJ Holographic Hitchhiker

Resort Island is the title of the new album by Rejko Müller aka Isolée, which deals with the morality of escapism as well as the tension between beauty and superficiality. Since his beginnings in the late 90s, his music has exhibited an almost surreal playfulness that sparks a gentle glow on the dancefloor in its controlled energy. With “Beau Mot Plage”, he created one of the most important house tracks of the 90s and was was subsequently referred to as the architect of microhouse, and ever since, he has remained true to this maritime topos. Jaime Fiorito is someone who literally absorbed the Balearic sound from childhood: His father Alfredo was a DJ in the 80s and helped shaped Ibiza's sun-drenched, eclectic sound like no one else. Likewise, his son continues to spin the special island sound of Afrobeats, cosmic sounds, disco and house, which can be heard alongside Isolée at Panorama Bar as part of this weekend's Klubnacht.