Artwork by Marc Brandenburg

Saturday 02.09.2023 start 23:59



  • Reka Zalan
  • Fireground Live Tresor
  • Quelza Mord
  • Antenes Silent Season
  • Pink Concrete
  • Mary Yuzovskaya Monday Off
  • DJ Nobu Bitta
  • Answer Code Request Ostgut Ton

Panorama Bar

  • Oracy Mojuba
  • Ron Like Hell
  • Nathalie Seres Never Not Now
  • Gabrielle Kwarteng
  • Annabelle Gaspar
  • Boys Shorts Iptamenos
  • Ready in Led Live
  • Cormac Polari


  • PPJ Live

Páula, Povoa and Jerge are PPJ, a Parisian trio combining neoperrero, hard techno and electroclash-era pop. Their recent debut EP Bloco Vol. 1 features sugary sweet techno-pop songs like “Bicha” (Portuguese for “queer”) and gritty tracks fueled by Páula's vocals with freewheeling rhythms, Brazilian-style percussion and full-on whistle blasts. PPJ perform live at Säule for this weekend's edition of Klubnacht. Playing live at Berghain for the first time is Fireground, whose driving 90s techno features Detroit-schooled use of synths – a perfect fit for Tresor and Ilian Tape, the labels that released the Italian duo's most recent EPs. Ready in LED is the project of Ukrainian singer Olya Dibrova, who on her three EPs so far purveys a supremely engaging sound built on Italo-disco and dance-pop, catapulting you from a standing start into blissful arpeggio heaven – also playing live tonight at Panorama Bar.