Friday 22.09.2023 start 22:00

Radiant Records

Panorama Bar

  • Kia Animalia
  • Baraka Live Radiant Records
  • Sansibar Radiant Records
  • Byron Yeates Radiant Records

Radiant Records is part of the expanded universe of the nomadic party series by Byron Yeates and his collective, Radiant Love. Across more than ten releases, a hedonistic prog-trance-ambient-house world unfolds in different tempos and styles, firmly anchored to the queer dancefloors of our time. French duo Baraka, consisting of singer and poet Hawa Sarita and DJ/producer Cristofeu, represents a hybrid dance-pop that brings together Sarita's catchy vocals with her partner's powerful percussion and acid sounds. In addition to their live gig, tonight's label party at Panorama Bar will feature DJ sets from Byron Yeates, Australian DJ Kia and Finnish electro producer Sansibar.