Artwork by Marc Brandenburg

Saturday 23.09.2023 start 23:59



  • Beste Hira
  • DJ Maria.
  • Kwartz PoleGroup
  • Paula Koski
  • Freddy K Key Vinyl
  • Ben Klock Klockworks
  • Steffi Candy Mountain

Panorama Bar

  • Mike Starr
  • Virginia candy mountain
  • AIDA Apranik
  • Beautiful Swimmers Future Times
  • Partok
  • Mike Dunn Moreaboutmusic
  • Lakuti Uzuri

The Japanese concept of ma describes a temporal pause, an interval or a negative space, which can be applied to classical Japanese dance, architecture, a tea ceremony, communication or even music. The fact that Tokyo-based DJ MARIA. draws on this aesthetic philosophy that permeates all of life comes as no surprise. Her sets are hypnotic journeys with a floating, minimal techno sound that knows how to immediately transport you into a Zen-like state. Trance but not Trance. “Dance You Mutha”, the debut record by Mike Dunn released in 1987 on Bam Bam's Westbrook Records, anticipated everything to be heard from the Chicago DJ/producer in the subsequent years. With underground hits like “So Let It Be Houze!”, “Magic Feet” and “God Made Me Phunky”, he crafted an unmistakable hip-house style that's lost none of its sexiness to this day. Catch him at Panorama Bar for this Klubnacht.