Saturday 21.10.2023 start 23:59



  • Akanbi
  • quest?onmarq
  • Virginia candy mountain
  • OK Williams
  • Rolando R3
  • Len Faki Figure
  • Vincent Neumann Unitas Multiplex

Panorama Bar

  • Curses Ombra INTL
  • Pablo Bozzi Second Sight
  • Massimiliano Pagliara Funnuvojere
  • Batu Timedance
  • Lakuti Uzuri
  • Jason Kendig Jabs

Rave man, spiritual leader, mayor of enjoyment – that's how Lagos-raised, New York-based Akanbi describes himself. A healthy self-confidence that the DJ can back up as he deftly manoeuvring through all genres of dance music. In his mixes, for example for The Lot Radio, he glides through ethereal ambient, dub, Afrobeats and other low-frequency rollers, whereas at his own Groovy Groovy parties, he tends to harder sounds. This sort of sonic boundlessness is also embraced by fellow New Yorker DJ quest?onmarq. For their mix for Fact, the magazine called them one of the city's most fearless DJs, and it's easy to understand why when you join the ride through tracks by Jeff Mills, Sunn O))), Burial, M.I.A. and a number of their own edits. Also playing at Panorama Bar for Klubnacht is OMOLOKO from Brazil, who's behind the party series 101Ø in Bela Horizonte, playing everything from disco to world music, techno, house and broken beats.