Friday 08.12.2023 start 22:00


Panorama Bar

  • anu
  • HUNEE Rush Hour
  • DHC
  • Gramrcy

JADALAREIGN is not only a DJ but also the booker of the New York club Nowadays and the leader of a workshop series called Skillshare, in which she passes on her knowledge to other women of color as well as queer, non-binary and trans people. With this combination of musical skills and commitment to community work, she is a natural fit in the lineup of the Refuge Worldwide party at Panorama Bar. The Neukölln radio station has also invited London-based DJ, illustrator and comic artist Anu, who has a regular radio show on NTS and plays a wide-rangin mix of old Bollywood soundtracks, house and new-age in her sets. Coming from Bristol is Gramrcy, who runs the Peach Discs label along with Shanti Celeste and releases his own productions on labels such as Phantasy Sound and Hot Concept.