Friday 15.12.2023 start 22:00

HAMAM Nights

Panorama Bar

  • MDSM
  • Sedef Adasï B2B CEM Public Possession
  • BASHKKA B2B Gabrielle Kwarteng

HAMAM'a giren terler – Sedef Adasi welcomes you to the second edition of Hamam Nights at Panorama Bar, a sweaty party series created by our resident DJ as both a life-affirming homage to her Turkish-Albanian roots and a playground for queer culture. In addition to BASHKKA and Gabrielle Kwarteng, CEM will be playing at Panorama Bar for the first time – a good thematic fit as co-founder of the Herrensauna party. There will also be the Canadian duo MDSM aka Marine D. and Sophy M., whose friendship developed into a musical collaboration during the pandemic, birthing ethereal, acid trance sounds.