Friday 23.06.2023 doors 19:00 start 20:00

Kantine am Berghain

Kiss and tell

Provocative reflections around life, sex and work


    25.00€ from Tikkio

    Age 18+

    Eight performers with experience in different areas of sex work tells in a biographical performance about their multifaceted lives, their dreams, what they are grateful for and what their realities actually look like. In a society marked by misogyny, racism, transphobia and other discrimination, this unique performance shows us how important it is to stick together as a community and be there for each other. They tell their stories with creativity, humor and love on the stage of the "Kantine am Berghain".

    Main language English, partly also in German, Spanish and Polish.

    Content and performance: Ernestine Pastorello, L'aDios, Liadland, Carmen, Bomba Latina, Smo Sienkiewicz, Rita und Ashley Godess.

    Directed by: Sharon On

    Dramaturgy and Assistant Director: Manon Praline

    State design and costume: Gustavo Havelange

    Graphic Design: Smo Sienkiewicz

    Sponsored by:

    Hydra e.V. Stiftung Pfefferwerk Bezirkskulturfonds Kreuzberg Friedrichshain Berlin

    The research phase was funded by:

    Fonds Darstellende Künste

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    Eine Veranstaltung von Sharon On