Artwork by Marc Brandenburg

Thursday 21.09.2023 start 22:00



  • xato

Lux Aterna, Latin for “eternal light”, is the title of the second album by Filipino-Australian DJ/producer CORIN, released in June on Lee Gamble's UIQ label. It's named after a choral work by György Ligeti, which Stanley Kubrick used in his film 2001: A Space Odyssey during the discovery of the monolith. CORIN is inspired by Ligeti's use of micropolyphony, letting hyperreal soundscapes merge with Gregorian chants and medieval instrumentation. In her DJ sets, meanwhile, she combines experimental club music with bass-driven EBM. CORIN will be mixing this Thursday at Säule alongside TRYCE - an Italian born, Berlin-based electronic artist focusing on genre-pushing blends and dense atmospherics. With releases on TAR & Magdalena's Apathy and his unique style, xato has a well respected name between the electronic & club world. With numerous released & unreleased collaborations among talented small & established artists and guest releases on labels such as unknown-untitled, examine-archive, JEROME and many more. His DJ sets focus on high energy beats and emotional club dance tracks with ambient fusions.”