Saturday 02.03.2024 start 23:59



  • Marcal Enemy
  • Kangding Ray Live ara
  • Rebecca Goldberg Detroit Underground
  • Elisa Bee
  • Rene Wise Mote-Evolver
  • Beste Hira
  • DJ Nobu Bitta
  • Inox Traxx

Panorama Bar

  • Sherø klubkidrecords
  • Nick Höppner Touch From A Distance
  • Roi Perez Ostgut Ton
  • AIDA Apranik
  • Dee Diggs
  • Ross From Friends
  • Ed Davenport Counterchange

David Letellier aka Kangding Ray has undergone a fascinating musical development, from his beginnings in ambient music to an unmistakable techno style marked by precision and structure, woven into a crystal-clear sci-fi aesthetic. In his almost architectural music, the deepest of bass tones, intricate rhythms and wondrous melodies merge with abstract sound design, as you can experience tonight in his live set at Berghain. Rebecca Goldberg, a member of the Detroit Underground collective, has released music and multimedia projects ranging from acid techno to experimental electronic music, and this weekend, the 313 Acid Queen is playing at Klubnacht for the first time. AIDA, who began her career in the Vancouver rave scene before moving to San Francisco, is one of the acts playing at Panorama Bar. Her sound has evolved from minimal to electro, breaks and progressive house. In addition to playing clubs, she runs Apranik Records, a record label with roots in Iranian activism that pushes artists of Iranian descent.