Saturday 20.04.2024 start 23:59



  • Efdemin Ostgut Ton
  • Terence Fixmer Live Mute
  • Don Williams Mojuba
  • Mary Yuzovskaya Monday Off
  • Kwartz PoleGroup
  • GiGi FM Sea~rène
  • Rødhåd WSNWG
  • Aurora Halal Mutual Dreaming

Panorama Bar

  • Yamour
  • Luzie
  • Violetta Funnuvojere
  • Frits Wentink
  • nd_baumecker Ostgut Ton
  • Mr Tophat
  • Mystery Affair


  • Mathew Jonson Live Crosstown Rebels

This is the Panorama Bar debut for Berlin-based DJ Yamour. Over the past few years, the vinyl lover has developed a sound that is strongly oriented towards the roots of American techno and house, which she was able to refine and deepen during her four years at the Hard Wax quality cadre factory. Hailing from the Netherlands, Frits Wentik will also be playing here for the first time. As part of the duo Will & Ink and owner of the record label of the same name, he initially pursued a boundary-pushing concept concept of techno, only to focus in recent years on house tracks characterized by raw drums, analog bass and wild, lo-fi samples. His experimental spoken-word album Safe Passage, which he recorded together with photographer Erik Madigan Heck and actor Tilda Swinton, was released three years ago on Dekmantel. Furthermore, two of the best live electronic acts of their genre will be performing on Sunday afternoon: EBM expert Terence Fixmer and minimal mastermind Mathew Jonson.