Saturday 11.05.2024 start 23:59



  • Adiel Danza Tribale
  • Jin Synth on board
  • Primal State dessert
  • Yonti
  • Luigi Di Venere Philoxenia
  • Blasha & Allatt

Panorama Bar

  • Massimiliano Pagliara Funnuvojere
  • Chloé
  • Boris Ostgut Ton
  • Aurora Halal Mutual Dreaming
  • Ryan Elliott b2b Francesco del Garda Faith Beat, timeless


  • Nat Wendell
  • Christian AB

As we all know, house is not just a feeling, but also healing. For this edition of Klubnacht, Aurora Halal will be playing up at Panorama Bar, having swapped stations with Luigi Di Venere, who will be playing a techno set down on the big floor. That's also where London-based DJ/producer Jin Synth will be taking over with hypnotic soundscapes that skillfully incorporate various analogue noise elements and ambient sounds recorded with special microphones.