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Friday 12.04.2024 start 22:00

Limousine Dream

Panorama Bar

  • KRN
  • Ron Obvious Live
  • Sugar Free
  • Coast 2 Coast

In 2015, James Creed and Josh Tweek from the UK founded The Ghost in Berlin, a second-hand record store in a Mercedes camper van; the name was meant to symbolize the transience of the shop on wheels. With a carefully selected vinyl collection and the growing popularity of vinyl culture at the time, they attracted plenty of customers. As resident DJs under the same Moniker at a Berlin club floating on the Spree, they surrounded themselves with DJ friends such as Gene On Earth, KRN and Sugar Free. In 2022, they closed the store, sold the van and focused on their new label, Ghost Recs. For this edition of Gene On Earth's Limousine Dream night, some of the crew are reuniting, and cruising along is British producer Ron Obvious with a live set and London-based Canadian Peach, whose DJ sets are known for their warm, friendly and funky vibes.