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Friday 03.05.2024 start 22:00


Panorama Bar

  • Samira
  • Kilopatrah Jones
  • Grace Sands B2B Shay Malt
  • Partok B2B David Elimelech B2B Roi Perez

For the second edition of their party Laundrette, its hosts David Elimelech, Partok and Roi Perez have invited Shay Malt, the creator of the London party series Adonis, whose hedonistic, chaotic and friendly vibe has been credited for a renaissance of queer underground parties in the city. One of the Adonis resident DJs is Grace Sands, who will also be spinning at the Panorama Bar tonight. A pioneer of the British soundsystem scene, Sands was a co-founder of DiY Soundsystem, a free-party collective from Nottingham that was committed to inclusivity and freedom since originating in 1989. From Queens, New York, comes Kilopatrah Jones, whose house mixes for the likes of Honcho and Colouring Lessons provide a strong dose of serotonin with a pinch of old Sound Factory grandeur.