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Friday 24.05.2024 start 22:00



  • Gael
  • Schwefelgelb Live
  • Soft Crash BITE
  • Parrish Smith B2B Unhuman

Panorama Bar

  • Neu-Romancer
  • Filmmaker Live
  • The Hacker B2B Pablo Bozzi
  • Generali Minerali
  • Knaughty

Dystopian cyberpunk aesthetics meet chilled synthwave, masculine EBM, Italo and techno – since 2018, Hayden Payne aka Phase Fatale has been running BITE as a platform for musicians who continue the legacy of the 80s with the production methods of today. For the BITE Night on both floors, Payne will be DJing with Pablo Bozzi under their Italo body music alias Soft Crash along with label acts such as Unhuman as well as DJ friends such as The Hacker. Active since the early 00s, Schwefelgelb is a Berlin techno duo who released a classic on the label aufnahme + wiedergabe in 2017 with their Dahinter Das Gesicht EP. Their energetic live sets are fueled by storms of mind-altering strobelight. Also performing live is Colombian producer Faunes Efe aka Filmmaker, who has released his raw post-punk-meets-EBM tracks on labels such as Opal Tapes and Veyl.