Friday 12.07.2024 start 22:00

Finest Friday

Panorama Bar

  • System Olympia
  • Victor Magic Power
  • Robag Wruhme
  • Sherø KlubKid Records

Who doesn't know “Bommsen Böff”, “Fittichklopfer“ and ”Venq Tolep” or any of the other bonkers titles that Robag Wruhme has come up with, which the world-famous DJ from Jena has been giving his equally bonkers tracks for more than 20 years? Four years ago, after more than two decades of DJing and producing, Gegen and Golosa regular Sherø fulfilled a dream by founding KlubKid Records, a label for queer artists; as a DJ, she plays a 90s house- and rave-inspired sound. London-based Francesca Macri aka System Olympia is influenced by erotic literature, late-night car rides and the romance of the dancefloor. Her catchy synth-pop is marked by lush pads, dreamy melodies and sex-positive lyrics, and she presents a monthly radio show on NTS. Tonight's line-up is rounded off Victor, the boss of local label Magic Power.