Friday 30.08.2024 doors 21:00 start 21:00

Finest Friday x Light Metal


  • Liturgy Live
  • Lorenzo Senni Live
  • Nazanin Noori enmossed
  • Ziúr Planet Mu

Panorama Bar

  • Haaizey
  • Venetta


26.00€ from Berghain

27.00€ at the door

Age 18+

Liturgy is the project of Haela Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix, whose passionate and powerful transcendental black metal moves between metal, experimental and classical music as well as sacred rituals. Their sixth album 93696, which was released last year on Thrill Jockey, is laid out in four acts and its title refers to a numerical representation of the heavens. Their music, presented live at Berghain, collides with the deconstructed trance and hardcore sound of self-proclaimed rave voyeur Lorenzo Senni. With his music and releases on Warp Records, the Italian producer charges the dancefloor with electronic punk spirit. The Berghain line-up at this Finest Friday X Light Metal Party will be complemented by a "Sound Scenario" by the Iranian interdisciplinary artist Nazanin Noori and the experimental producer Zíur, who recently released an album on the Ugandan label Hakuna Kulala following releases on Planet Mu and PAN. At Panorama Bar there will be DJ sets by Hamburg-based Haaizey, Bombaclart Bass founder and selector for Afro Beats, Baile Funk and everything bass-laden, as well as Venetta, the Canadian musician and community activist who creates a dissociative Psycho Thriller aesthetic in her music and DJ sets by means of dissociative tempo, sound and style changes.

Admission 18+ / Please respect the no-photo/no-video policy


Artwork by Teresa Schönherr