Thursday 30.11.2023 start 19:30

Kantine am Berghain

Anthony Hüseyin EP Release Show

  • DJ Ipek
  • Gazino Neukölln Live
  • Anthony Hüseyin Live
  • DJ Ipek


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Age 18+

Anthony Hüseyin is a non-binary musician and performance artist of Kurdish-Turkish and Arabic descent who works with voice, text, film, dance, and installation.

Raised in Urfa in Southeastern Turkey, where they learned traditional local music, they went on to study both classical and jazz singing in Istanbul and Rotterdam. Their works combine the personal and political to explore memory, identity, community, collective consciousness, and the body.

Anthony is set to release a new EP titled O Bicim Sarkilar- O Shaped Songs today at Kantine.

O-Shaped Songs is a poignant reflection on the memories that haunt us and the indescribable wounds of displacement. Set against the backdrop of Berlin, home to many immigrants and political and queer refugees, the EP exposes the profound emptiness in a metropolis wishing to imagine itself as a safe haven for the free-spirited yet always reminding the Other that they don’t belong.

With a fusion of experimental electronic beats and nostalgic Turkish pop, it's more than just music; it's a journey through exile, grief, and longing. This is an anthem for the displaced, for the queer migrants who traverse internal and external landscapes in search of a place called home. Through its melodies, O- Shaped Songs reminds us that while true belonging might be elusive, we can find fleeting moments of deep connection in each other.

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